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Journal of Contemporary Management Issues
Vol.21. No. 2. (2016)

Table of Contents

Lj. Najev Čačija

The nonprofit marketing process and fundraising performance of humanitarian organizations: empirical analysis
A. Baručić,
B. Umihanić

Entrepreneurship education as a factor of entrepreneurial opportunity recognition for starting a new business

S. Petković,
C. Jäger,
B. Sašić

Challenges of small and medium sized companies at early stage of development: Insights from Bosnia and Herzegovina

 M. Letica

The effect of outsourcing activities selection on the benefits of outsourcing

B. Krce Miočić,
M. Razović,
T. Klarin

Management of sustainable tourism destination through stakeholder cooperation

M. Marksel,
P. Tominc,
S. Božičnik
Determinants of cruise passengers’ expenditures in the port of call
R. Oblak,
A. Jugović,
A. Perić Hadžić
Defining freight rates as a contribution to the successful operation of container shipping companies
 M. Rožman,
S. Treven,
V. Čančer
Stereotypes of older employees compared to younger employees in Slovenian companies
A. T. Roux Practitioners’ view of the role of OOH advertising media in IMC campaigns
I. Buljan,
V. Kotlar
The use of deliberative method in educational reform
A. Kundid Novokmet,
B. Bilić
Do students in Croatia care about corporate social responsibility performance of banks?
I. Yogamalar,
A. A. Samuel
Shared values and organizational citizenship behavior of generational cohorts: A review and future directions